Corbyn & May to make Great Britain £92Trillion Greater than ever!

£92Trillion UK Land Real Estate backs £, clears £400Billion UK debt, gets huge real money for NHS, Police, Non Nuclear Energy/Defence, Instant Prosperity, Abundant Jobs & all taxes abolished for every one, workers & real rich.
Shop & petrol prices fall as VAT, Excise & Customs Duty are abolished.

How is UK Land Real Estate Value calculated?
Top London
Real Estate Land prices exceed £4,000 per sq ft.
Most UK house land cost over £100 per sq ft.
Total UK Real Estate Land area is 2.6 trillion sq ft.
Using a low Real Estate Land value of £35 per sq ft,
UK Real Estate Equity Released is £35 x 2.6 trillion = £92Trillion.
£92Trillion is 225 times the UK National Expense Budget.

Zero tax benefits all folk including workers & the real rich

Folk enjoy pay rises from no NIC & no Income tax deductions.

Rich keep profits – no accounts, stress, tax avoidance, havens, or exile.
Real rich provide, jobs, business & prosperity for workers & UK.

Real Rich (exceeding £20Million) glad to pay APCAssets Protection Costs.
Assets exceeding £20 million - APC is 10%
  UK revenue £2Trillion/Year
APC applies to residents as well as non residents persons & PLCs.

PLCs LTDs & Firms pay as if all shareholders are one person.

APC is not a tax as it is not charged on income, profits, purchases or sales.


Assets under £20 million APC is Nil/no tax for 99.99% of UK population.

PS  Forget Brexit. All States & EU in Recession will copy UK Collateralism!

No tax, Collateral Wisdom was invented by Michael aged 17, now a top British design engineer keen to guide Donald Trump, Jeremy Corbyn & Teresa May to untapped  UK Real Estate Land Equity Release Fortune. see Michael Profile

©Collateral Wisdom™ is the Intellectual Property of Michael V. Rodrigues, for UK PM use with permission & 1% of UK’s Real Estate Land Equity Released.


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©Collateralism™ is the Intellectual Property of Michael V. Rodrigues, for UK Treasury use with permission & fee of 1% of value of UK’s Collateral.

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